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Professional Development

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Professional Development

46th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference

Consistent with its mission, the FIE Conference series continues to offer professional development opportunities for engineering educators, researchers and administrators. This year’s conference offers a wide variety of opportunities: Plan to attend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Full-Day Workshops:

Evidence Based Teaching: Principles and Practice (IEEE-CS)

This workshop provides an overview of relevant research literature, and provides participants with hands on advice on choice of research approaches, data collection methods, and analysis techniques in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Engineering. Participants receive IEEE-CS certificate of participation and PDUs earned.

Dr. Arnold Pears and Dr. John Heywood


Designing an Engineering Recovery Course Using Process Education (Pacific Crest)

This workshop will help colleges turn things around for engineering students who have failed. Instead of sending out dismissal letters, challenge these students to prove they want to continue by obtaining an “A” in a course titled Achieving Academic Success.

Dan Apple

½-Day Workshops

  • A Developmental and Adaptive Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model Across the Curriculum: From Theory to Practice in Integrating and Assessing PBL Experiences across the James Madison University Engineering Curriculum
    • Dr. Olga Pierrakos, Dr. Robin Anderson and Dr. Elise Barrella
  • Academic coaching tools for increased retention: empowering engineering students in their education
    • Jennifer Groh
  • Integrated Faculty Course Assessment Report (FCAR) Model with Traditional Rubric-Based (GR) Model to Enhance Automation of Student Outcomes Evaluation Process
    • Dr. Fong Mak and Dr. Ramakrishnan Sundaram
  • NSF Programs that support Engineering Education Research
    • Mrs. Ece Yaprak and Dr. Karen Crosby
  • Peer Grading Development Cycle                                                                                
    • Mr. Shawn Lupoli
  • Grant Writing Workshop: Tips for Turning Good Ideas into Competitive National Science Foundation Engineering Education Research CAREER Proposals
    • Dr. Olga Pierrakos

Thursday-Saturday, October 13-15, 2016

Special Sessions

  • Developing ABET Criteria for Undergraduate Cybersecurity Programs
    • Dr. Jean Blair, Dr. J Ekstrom, Dr. Steven Lingafelt, Dr. Allen Parrish, Dr. Ed Sobiesk, Dr. Mark Stockman
  • Open Sourcing Education for Data Engineering and Data Science                                   
    • Dr. David E Drummond
  • Considering students' intrinsic motivations and positive emotions in course design: Are they ends, means, or threats?                                                                                    
    • Prof. Jonathan Stolk, Dr. Yevgeniya V Zastavker, Mr. Alex Dillon and Dr. Michael Gross
  • Culturally relevant and responsive practices in K-16 engineering education                 
    • Dr. Renata A Revelo, Dr. Joel Mejia and Mr. Marlon Mitchell
  • Exploring Learning Opportunities in Engineering Education Using 2D, 3D, and Immersive Video-Augmented Synchronous Online Technologies                                  
    • Mr. Sasha Nikolic and Mr. Mark J. W. Lee
  • I-Corps™ for Learning: Sustaining and Scaling STEM Education Innovations for Impact
    • Dr. Rocio C. Chavela Guerra and Dr. Karl Smith
  • Innovation T-Ball: Everybody Wins!!                                                                                 
    • Dr. Stephanie L Cutler, Dr. Thomas Litzinger, Dr. Sarah Zappe and Dr. Michael Alley
  • Making the Multiple Institution Database for Investigating Engineering Longitudinal Development (MIDFIELD) More Accessible to Researchers                                             
    • Matthew Ohland, Catherine Brawner, Richard Layton, Russell Long, Susan Lord, Marisa Orr
  • Preparing Engineers for Careers in Social Innovation and Sustainable Development    
    • Dr. Khanjan Mehta and Ms. Irena Gorski
  • Designing The Engineer's Way                                                                                           
    • Prof. Susan Donohue and Prof. Larry Richards
  • The Behavioral Economics of Instructional Decision Making                                           
    • Mr. Cory Hixson, Dr. Stephanie L Cutler and Dr. James Pembridge


Panel Sessions

  • Business & Engineering Education: A Multiple Stakeholder Perspective                        
    • Dr. Diane Parente, Dr. Gregory Dillon and Dr. Oladipo Onipede, Jr.
  • Integrating Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking into Undergraduate Engineering Education                                                                                                        
    • Mr. Richard Adcock
  • Changing Your Department: Examples from Revolutionizing Engineering Departments                                                                                                                       
    • Ella L Ingram
  • Developments in Global Software Engineering Education                                               
    • Dr. Tony Clear, Mr. Sarah Beecham, Dr. John Barr, Dr. Mats Daniels, Dr. Michael J Oudshoorn and Mr. John Noll
  • Launching Curricular Guidelines for Computer Engineering: CE2016                              
    • Prof. John Impagliazzo, Prof. Susan Conry, Prof. Eric Durant, Prof. Joseph Hughes and Dr. Russ Meier
  • Teaching Teachers to Teach Diverse Students in Computer Science: Content and Resources for In-person and Online Delivery                                                                   
    • Dr. James Cohoon, Luther Tychonievich, Dr. Leslie Cintron, Jennifer Rosato, Melanie Williamson, Lecia Barker