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Workshop: Designing an Engineering Recovery Course Using Process Education

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Full-day workshop at FIE 2016: Wednesday October 12, 2016

Registration Fee: $75 (limited to 60 participants) All proceeds go to the Frontiers in Education conference planning committee

Instructor: Dan Apple

This workshop will help colleges turn things around for engineering students who have failed. Instead of sending out dismissal letters, challenge these students to prove they want to continue by obtaining an “A” in a course titled Achieving Academic Success.

The workshop consists of two parts:

Part 1: This session will detail the educational experience that transforms failing students into dean’s list students.

  • Learn what works as we share the critical lessons we’ve learned in 20 years of conducting Learning to Learn Camps, especially those targeting STEM students: the theory, practice, and results that you can use
  • The workshop will highlight a Recovery Course case study at Grand Valley State University (Spring 2015 plus recent results from Spring 2016) including the 1-week schedule, syllabus, logistics, work samples, and results
  • A second case study details how the Hinds Community College Nursing program used the Recovery Course to transform students who failed out of the program into practicing nurses at a success rate of more than 65%
  • We will share the structure and content of our STEM-tailored Learning to Learn Camps, demonstrating how the general content that all students need provides a natural foundation and context for the specialized content that most benefits STEM students who are struggling to succeed

Part 2: In this session, participants from each college will design and develop an engineering recovery course that is contextualized for their school, including a complete implementation plan (recruitment, course design, materials, training, and implementation guidelines). This session works BEST with a team from the same school; if possible, register a team of 3 from your college. If you don’t have your own team, you can still gain valuable experience working with a team from another school on their recovery course.

For more information: visit the Pacific Crest website

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